Yuhigaura Onsen Konoya is a ryokan roch in nature.

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Welcom to Yuhigaura Onsen Konoya

Yuhigaura Onsen Konoya is an inn that enjoy the rich nature of the season of Japan.Thank you for watching this website. Staff it is very happy.

But,This website is made by staff at this inn. It is not a specialist. And the staff can not speak English. So, I'm sorry if there was an inappropriate sentence expression.We will make efforts to improve in the future.


Introduction of this inn  ~Sato no Yado konoya~

Konoya is a purely Japanese style. This ryokan was built in the foot of Mt. Rokko in 1952. And it was moved to its present place in 1994.

So, there is a little bit old Japanese taste. The feeling of Japanese people in the Showa era is felt.

I hope you enjoy the emotions of Japan and do it slowly.

Equipment outline

Satono Yado Konoya features air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi. A hot spring bath is available for guests. The property is located in the Yuhigaura Onsen district.

All units in the ryokan are equipped with a kettle. Each room includes a shared bathroom. The rooms in Satono Yado Konoya are fitted with a flat-screen TV and free toiletries.  Tottori Airport is 74 km away.

Total number of room - 6 shared bath shared toiletMeal cafeteria

check in PM3:00/check out ~AM10:00

Please click on the video to see Yuhigaura’s usual stage.

Title:[Yuhigaura in my pocket]

I aiways put smartphone in may pocket. And,I always filmed Yuhigaura with a camera. So, my pocket is full of Yuhigaura .

yuhigaura in

Our culture and diet are very related to nature.-----The beautiful sea and seasonal wild flowers will please us.

You certainly will be satisfied with the fresh seafood meal


「Before eating, we say “Itadaki-masu”, and after eating, we say “Gochiso-sama”.」 -----“Itadaki-masu” has two meanings: “Itadaki-masu” as a humility word for “getting” as a gratitude to those who were involved in the meal, and “getting the life of food”.And, “Gochiso-sama” is a word that expresses gratitude for the feast to prepare the ingredients.

Sunset of Yuhigaura


A tree swing "Yurari" installed on the shore of Yuhigaura'sbeach

This swing is a work of the members of the Yuhigaura Tourist Association.
This “Yurari” is filled with the feelings of everyone at the Yuhigaura Tourist Association.

Sunset of Yuhigaura

The view of the sun setting over the horizon in the summer, and over the mountains from spring to winter is indeed spectacular. The landscape seen from Yuhigaura Beach turns crimson, making it seem mysterious and powerful. The atmosphere created by the setting sun is so spectacular that photographers queue up on clear days.



Photo gallery


*bijin no Yu  *Kinuhada no Yu

The hot spring in Yuhigaura is said to be a beautiful hot spring. Yuhigaura is a producing place of silk (Tango silk), so it is said that it is a hot spring to become silky skin.


*Foot bath *Utdoor bath

---------Foot bath----Warming your legs will improve blood circulation.

----utdoor bath----This hot water was handmade by the owner using soy sauce pail.

You can enjoy SUP in the beautiful sea.


The Stand Up Paddle Board can walk on the sea.

You can experience the clear sea and the surrounding nature.Please see this homepage for details.

  kyotangotango 135°East

This experience will run from April to October.

Introduction of master of the inn

The master cooks cooking at Sato no Yado Konoya. He also cultivates vegetables and rice. His hobby is kendo. He will teach you the basic behavior and courtesy of Kendo, optionally. You can wear kendo clothes, put kendo armor, and take commemorative photos. However, they are charged.



■kendo experience in konoya

Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art, which descended from swordsmanship (kenjutsu) and uses bamboo swords (shinai) and protective armour (bōgu). Today, it is widely practiced within Japan and many other nations across the world.